Cactus Lovers

Welcome to the website of the oldest cactus nursery in the Netherlands.When I started my hobby in 1973 and sold in 1975 my first cactus commercially, I never had expected that my plants would be spread all over the world.

In my private collection you will find different Astrophytum, all natural shapes and forms (including a ornatum geent in 1936) with 850 different Japanese hybrids, Ariocarpus, Lophophora and Copiapoa.

When selling plants, almost all genders well represented, both small and large plants at a reasonable price.

Especially we have: Crist Aten, Monstrosities, Astrophytum, Ariocarpus, Copiapoa, Epithelantha and Lophophora .

Cactus Nursery Lakerveld
Lakerveld 89
4128LG Lexmond.
Tel: 0347-341718

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